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The region has no shortage of tourist and cultural activities.

Discover the majestic royal fortresses of Chinon and Saumur, the magical châteaux of Langeais, Villandry and Azay le Rideau, or the stunning Royal Abbey of Fontevraud. These are undoubtedly masterpieces of French history.

Take a stroll through some of France’s most beautiful villages, including Rigny-Ussé, Candes Saint Martin, Montsoreau and Turquant.

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vignes cave augerVillandry

A wonderful garden in the heart of Touraine

Villandry is one of the most beautiful châteaux in France. World-famous for its magnificent gardens, it is a veritable ode to the beauty and harmony of nature.

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vignes cave augerLangeais

A medieval nugget in the heart of the city

Originally built in the Middle Ages on a rocky outcrop, today’s medieval and Renaissance-style castle stands majestically in the centre of the town. It was the site of the secret wedding of Charles VIII and Anne of Brittany. A must-see!

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vignes cave augerThe Abbey of Fontevraud

A spiritual and historical treasure

Situated between Saumur and Chinon, Fontevraud is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the greatest monastic cities inherited from the Middle Ages. It is the royal necropolis of the Plantagenets, notably Richard the Lionheart and his illustrious mother, Eleanor of Aquitaine.

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vignes cave augerSaumur

Royal elegance on the banks of the Loire

Saumur is a jewel of aesthetic harmony. The charming town is renowned for its remarkable heritage and renowned wines, but also for its royal fortress, visible for miles around. It towers majestically over the Loire.

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vignes cave augerAzay-le-Rideau

The architectural pearl of the Loire Valley

The Château d’Azay-le-Rideau is a jewel of unparalleled beauty. Resting on the water, in which it is reflected, this small Renaissance palace leaves visitors in awe. Special mention should be made of its monumental staircase and romantic grounds.

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vignes cave augerChinon

A medieval city steeped in history

Built on the slopes of the River Vienne and dominated by its imposing royal fortress of three châteaux built on a rocky spur, the town of Chinon is a unique medieval testimony to the Loire Valley. Surrounded by vineyards, Chinon is the birthplace of Rabelais, and its history has been marked by great figures such as Eleanor of Aquitaine, Henry II Plantagenet, their illustrious son Richard the Lionheart, and of course Joan of Arc and Charles VII.